West Bridgewater SPRINT Meeting

Meets the Last Monday of the Month
6:30-7:15pm:  Expectant Moms/Dads and New Moms of infants who are not sleeping through the night yet.
7:30 pm- 9:30pm:  General Support Meeting.  All are welcome.
Contact Person: Pam Pace

First Meeting Recap from one of our MOMS

Blink… blink… you watch anxiously as the tiny hourglass shaped icon flashes on the little white stick. The longest 90 seconds of your life. It stops. A plus sign! You scream to your husband who is all too familiar with this game. He enters and you embrace. You’re Pregnant!  A few weeks later you go for your first ultrasound. Sitting on the exam table you feel that anxious feeling in your belly once more. Today will be the day you have longed for, for what seems like an eternity, you get to see your baby, the baby that you have prayed for. The technician enters and introduces herself to you and your husband. Your husband smiles at you and holds your hand. You share a glance of anxiousness as the cold jelly is put on your belly. The tech begins to move the wand around and you hear lots of typing, beeping and the tech mumbles “Hmm..”. She says, “ Would you excuse me for a minute.” Oh no. You think the worst. You sit in silence for a moment and then the doctor walks in. “Hello Mr. & Mrs., let me take a look here”. Your hands are trembling. The doctor smiles at you and says the words you will never forget. “ Everything looks great.  Congratulations. You’re having TWINS.” For a moment you sigh a breathe of relief, for you have only heard the first half of his comment and are ecstatic that the baby is healthy. Then it hits you. TWINS. You share a look with your husband – you will never forget! The look of two parents being told that they would not only have one baby to love, but two. Stunned. You get up, dress and walk out of the office.  TWINS. What are we going to do ? How can we afford it? We weren’t prepared for TWINS. We’ve seen parents of TWINS before and wondered how did they do it?  You are nervous, shocked, happy, worried and ecstatic all at the same. A few weeks have gone by and you begin to let the news of your twins settle in. You have begun googling things about twins and how parents of twins survive. You have facebook messaged a few of your old college friends who had twins and ask  how they have made it work . They were less than helpful. And then, out of the blue, through your mindless facebook scrolling you happen to see a post from a local children’s resale shop. A Meeting!  A meeting for parents of multiples! A support meeting! Your inner voice screams out! YES! You can’t contain your excitement that maybe, finally, someone can help ease your mind. You mark your calendar. The last Monday of the month 6:30pm. You mark off the days like a child waiting for Christmas. The time has come. You waddle your cute pregnant bod through the door of the store. You are nervous. What if this isn’t what I think it is? What if these people judge me? What if they can’t help? What if I’m in the wrong place?  You walk in, introduce yourself and take a seat. “Hi, I’m Pam.” Says the beautiful blonde woman sitting across from you. You have a moment when you think to yourself “ what is this woman going to be able to tell me”. Slowly other women enter the room. Some pregnant, some who have already had their twins, others with higher sets of multiples. You take a breath. At least you know you made it to the right place and you feel strangely at peace here. You notice that these women have a rapport like they are sisters. The meeting begins. You hear about Pam’s story. How she has 5 children, including a set of triplets. You listen so intently. These people get it!  You hear all the other women talk about their kids. All of a sudden you realize you are with “Your People”. You are at ease. Within minutes, you feel as though your prayers have been answered.  You can’t explain it, but suddenly, you know that you have found the place you were meant to be. You have found your sisterhood. You have found Keeping Pace with Multiple Miracles and your life has been forever changed.  Welcome MoMs. You’ve made it.   ~  Shana McCarthy