Are you expecting twins, triplets, or quadruplets? Do you wish you had a handbook on what you are in for? Do you wish you could take a crash course on what to expect once the babies are born? If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, do we have a class for you! Having multiples is a unique experience with special demands and challenges. This 3-hour class will prepare parents for life with multiples.

During this class, you will learn how to care for two, three, or four newborns at once. You will learn practical tools for coping with the emotional and physical stressors you may face in the first several months with your babies. Parents will also learn about the joys and pleasures multiples will bring into their lives. Topics include the possibility of bedrest, how to choose a multiples friendly pediatrician, how to establish a schedule with your multiples, if bottle or breastfeeding is right for you, what equipment and layette you really need, how to get that much needed sleep and how to find help and support. Along with the class, comes a notebook loaded with information to get you through the first few honeymoon months with your babies! Also included is a wonderful resource guide and suggested reading list for the expectant parents.

The class is taught by MOMS (mothers of multiples), who have been there and done that and now want to see you through your pregnancy and birth of your multiple miracles!

If you are on bedrest or in the hospital, we will be glad to make a house call to teach your class.  We can even offer a private or semi-private class at our Center of Operations, 194 S. Main St. W. Bridgewater

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